Two Great Online Financial Apps from Viewpoints Industry TV


Two great online programs help users with budgeting and paying off debt.


There are many budgeting and financial apps on the Web for people who want to keep track of everything from their monthly budget to their stock portfolio. Viewpoints Industry TV finds two of the best ones and offers an overview for readers.

Available Options from Free to Paid

The available options for budgeting and financial programs on the web run the gamut from a basic free service to those that charge a small monthly fee. It all depends on what the user wants to do. Below are some of the better programs we found.

Mint – This well-known budgeting program is easy to set up, pulls data from a user’s financial accounts and develops a budget based on the data it received. The program is run by Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks and TurboTax and is a secure program backed by McAfee, TRUSTe and VeriSign, the same security banks use for online transactions. The data Mint provides for budgeting can be edited by the user and no one else. It can send email alerts for bill payment reminders. It is available on iPhones and Android and it is free.

Ready For Zero – This is a great program for users who want to pay down debt. Users enter information into the program and it kicks out a debt repayment budget. As with any personal financial information, security is paramount. It’s reassuring to know that it runs on Amazon Web Services and is backed by McAfee. It also sends bill reminders. The Basic program is free. They offer a Plus service for $7.00 per month or $75 per year which also keeps track of the user’s credit score and allows the user to set up automatic bill payment. Viewpoints Industry TV encourages readers with a long list of debtors to look into this program more to see if it can help them pay down debt.